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parasites of south african wildlife. iii. helminths of common reedbuck, redunca arundinum, in natal.twenty-six common reedbuck, redunca arundinum, were shot in pairs at monthly intervals for 13 consecutive months in the himeville region of natal. ten nematode species, 2 cestodes and 1 trematode were recovered from these animals. cooperia yoshidai was both the most numerous and most prevalent worm and peak burdens occurred during summer. thirty-one reedbuck, killed at different intervals in various localities within the st. lucia reserve, harboured between 4 and 11 nematode species, 1 cestode a ...19892726193
arthropod parasites of common reedbuck, redunca arundinum, in natal.twenty-five common reedbuck, redunca arundinum, from the himeville region, 21 from the eastern shores nature reserve, 4 from the charter's creek nature reserve and 2 from the st lucia game park, natal were examined for arthropod parasites. the reedbuck from himeville were infested with 4 ixodid tick species, those from the eastern shores with 7 species and those from charter's creek and st lucia with 6 species. rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi was the only tick common to the 4 localities. the lice ...19883353095
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