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eimeria saudiensis n. sp. (apicomplexa: eimeriidae) from the arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx) in saudi arabia.oocysts of eimeria saudiensis n. sp. (apicomplexa: eimeriidae) are described from the feces of the arabian oryx, oryx leucoryx, from the riyadh zoo, saudi arabia. the oocysts were ellipsoidal or slightly ovoid, 31.2 x 24.5 (24.3-36.5 x 20.0-27.6) micron with a bilayered wall about 1.7 micron thick. the micropyle was covered by a dome-shaped cap. the oocyst residuum was absent, but tiny polar granules were present. the sporocysts were elongate ovoid, 14.3 x 7.2 (11.5-18.5 x 6.0-9.0) micron, had a ...19883199335
serological survey for bovine bacterial and viral pathogens in captive arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx pallas, 1776).tests for antibodies to bovine bacterial and viral pathogens were conducted on 239 sera from 128 arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx) from seven locations (taif, riyadh and mahazat as said, saudi arabia; san diego, united states of america [usa]; shaumari, jordan; qatar; and bahrain). no antibodies to pasteurella multocida type e or epizootic haemorrhagic disease 1 virus were found. antibodies to brucella abortus, p. multocida type b, p. multocida type d, lumpy skin disease virus and akabane virus were ...19921305861
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