pectic zymogram variation and pathogenicity of rhizoctonia solani ag-4 to bean (phaseolus vulgaris) isolates in isfahn, iran.rhizoctonia disease, caused by rhizoctonia solani is one of the most important fungal diseases in bean fields in isfahan, iran. bean plants showing stem and root cankers were collected and rhizoctonia-like fungi obtained from the samples were identified by anastomosis. pure cultures of bean isolates of r. solani were identified as ag-4. there were also ag-4 isolates from tomato, potato, cucumber, alfalfa and sugar beet in the areas sampled. a total of 163 isolates of r. solani ag-4 originating f ...200415645177
the causal agents of damping-off disease of buglosse from iran.iran is considered a major genetic for medicinal plant in the world. because of this significant diversity and historical background in identification and utilization to remedy human and animal diseases, export of medicinal plant can help to strengthen local as well as natural economy. buglosse (fig. 1) is one of the most important and common medicinal plants in iran and exist as echium amoneum and borago officinalis. this work was conducted in order to identify the causal agent(s) of damping of ...200516637194
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