introduction of some important antagonistic bacteria affecting on damping-off of canola.three hundred ninety five bacterial isolates were collected from canola root and rhizosphere in golestan, mazandaran, guilan and tehran provinces. at first, antagonistic effect of bacterial isolates on rhizoctonia solani was studied using dual culture test assay. the results showed that 60 isolates had the ability to inhibit the growth of fungi on pda medium. on the basis of the biochemical, physiological and morphological tests, isolates pf41, pf51, pf411 and pf412 were identified as pseudomona ...201223878984
identification of anastomosis group of rhizoctonia solani, the causal agent of seed rot and damping-off of bean in iran.bean is one of the major crops in iran. seed rot and damping-off caused by rhizoctonia solani is the most important disease of bean. in this research, infected roots and seedlings of beans were collected from different fields of tehran province. the samples were sterilized with 10% sodium hypochloride (5% stock) and incubated on pda surface in petri-dishes. the purified fungi kept on filter paper and identified, pathogenicity test of r. solani was carried out on 2 cultivars of bean (red bean cv. ...200516637168
the causal agents of damping-off disease of buglosse from iran.iran is considered a major genetic for medicinal plant in the world. because of this significant diversity and historical background in identification and utilization to remedy human and animal diseases, export of medicinal plant can help to strengthen local as well as natural economy. buglosse (fig. 1) is one of the most important and common medicinal plants in iran and exist as echium amoneum and borago officinalis. this work was conducted in order to identify the causal agent(s) of damping of ...200516637194
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