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comparing the response of biochemical indicators (biomarkers) and biological indices to diagnose the ecological impact of an oil spillage in a mediterranean river (ne catalunya, spain).three biomarkers of hydrocarbon exposure, liver 7-ethoxyresourfin-o-deethylase activity (erod), fluorescent hydrocarbon compounds (facs) in bilis, and the liver antioxidant enzyme catalase (cat) were examined in the autochthonous fish species barbus meridionalis collected in the river fluvià (ne catalunya, spain) after an oil spillage. four different locations were sampled, including the impacted site, upstream and downstream sites and a reference site. biomarker responses were compared with dia ...200716959291
changes in non-specific biomarkers in the mediterranean barbel (barbus meridionalis) exposed to sewage effluents in a mediterranean stream (catalonia, ne spain).the effluents from sewage treatment plants strongly influence the water quality and flow of mediterranean streams. these effluents play a crucial role in maintaining the aquatic communities of these ecosystems, particularly in the absence of natural flow resulting from climate constraints or intensive water use. to detect the ecological effects of these effluents, we used non-lethal biomarkers in barbus meridionalis and traditional assessment protocols in the ripoll river (ne of spain). our resu ...201020810176
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