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hazard analysis of listeria monocytogenes contaminations in processing of salted roe from walleye pollock (theragra chalcogramma) in hokkaido, japan.hazard analysis of listeria monocytogenes contamination during processing of salted walleye pollock (theragra chalcogramma) roe was performed for a seafood plant in japan from december 2005 to february 2006. as a result, l. monocytogenes number was detected on the pallet used for transport of barrels in the salting process and one of the rollers of the roller conveyor, which rotates while in contact with the bottoms of the barrels, but was not detected in any raw materials, interim products or f ...200919194081
comparison of potential fecundity models for walleye pollock gadus chalcogrammus in the pacific waters off hokkaido, japan.potential fecundity models of walleye or alaska pollock gadus chalcogrammus in the pacific waters off hokkaido, japan, were developed. they were compared using a generalized linear model with using either standard body length (ls) or total body mass (mt) as a main covariate along with fulton's condition factor (k) and mean diameter of oocytes (do) as additional potential covariates to account for maternal conditions and maturity stage. the results of model selection showed that mtwas a better si ...201727774595
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