[physico-chemical characteristics of ambient particles settling upon leaf surface of six conifers in beijing].the study on the density of ambient particles settling upon the leaf surface of six conifers in beijing, the micro-configurations of the leaf surface, and the mineral and element compositions of the particles showed that at the same sites and for the same tree species, the density of the particles settling upon leaf surface increased with increasing ambient pollution, but for various tree species, it differed significantly, with the sequence of sabina chinensis and platycladus orientalis > cedru ...200717552180
metal bioaccumulation in plant leaves from an industrious area and the botanical garden in beijing.the concentrations of fe, mn, al, zn, pb, ni, cr, and as were measured in soils and leaves from 21 plant species growing on hills near the beijing steel factory (bsf) and 17 plant species in the beijing botanical garden (bbg). the results showed that soils from bsf were zn contaminated according to the threshold of natural background of china. there was a metal contamination of the soils by ni, and cr in bsf comparing with those in bbg. the comparison between concentrations of metals in leaves f ...200516295909
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