prevalence of atopy in students from málaga, spain.epidemiologic studies are necessary to determine the prevalence of allergic diseases. this varies widely depending on allergen preparations and patients studied.19989532972
detection of airborne allergen (ole e 1) in relation to olea europaea pollen in s recent years, it has been demonstrated that the air carries not only airborne pollen but also plant particles of smaller size that have allergenic activity, and, being within the respirable range, these particles can trigger rapid attacks in the lower respiratory tract. the study of particles according to size (0.7-40 micro m) could provide valuable information on the real allergenic activity in the atmosphere.200717210050
heat requirement for the onset of the olea europaea l. pollen season in several sites in andalusia and the effect of the expected future climate change.olives are one of the largest crops in the mediterranean region, especially in andalusia, in southern spain. a thermal model has been developed for forecasting the start of the olive tree pollen season at five localities in andalusia: cordoba, priego, jaen, granada and malaga using airborne pollen and meteorological data from 1982 to 2001. threshold temperatures varied between 5 degrees c and 12.5 degrees c depending on bio-geographical characteristics. the external validity of the results was t ...200415645246
model for forecasting olea europaea l. airborne pollen in south-west andalusia, on predicted average and maximum airborne pollen concentrations and the dates on which these maximum values are expected are of undoubted value to allergists and allergy sufferers, as well as to agronomists. this paper reports on the development of predictive models for calculating total annual pollen output, on the basis of pollen and weather data compiled over the last 19 years (1982-2000) for córdoba (spain). models were tested in order to predict the 2000 pollen season; in addition, and ...200111513048
spring pollen and related allergies in southern spain.over the last 10 years, there has been an increase in pollen allergies throughout europe; this trend is clearly reflected in this study carried out in córdoba (southern spain) over 7 consecutive years, which recorded important increases in the concentrations of certain pollen types of particular interest in this city, together with an increase in the number of patients with pollinosis visiting the allergy unit at córdoba's reina sofía university hospital. the purpose of this study was to ascerta ...19938298753
annual, daily and diurnal variations in pollen from olea europaea l. in the atmosphere of granada (spain).the allergenic capacity of olea europaea l. pollen is very important in several cities of the southern iberian peninsula, producing most pollinoses diagnosed in these cities. we have carried out a study on the annual, daily and diurnal variations in pollen from o. europaea in the atmosphere of granada (spain) during 4 consecutive years. samplings were carried out with the aid of a burkard spore trap. very low levels of olea pollen grains were first detected in the atmosphere from the end of apri ...19938298749
the spider assemblage of olive groves under three management systems.olives, olea europaea l., are one of the most important crops in spain. they are currently produced under three management systems that involve different aspects of soil and pest management, productivity, and crop economy: organic, (integrated pest management-ipm), and conventional. here, we studied how these systems affect the spiders, the natural enemies of olive grove pests, and performed a detailed analysis of their assemblage. the study was performed during one season in 18 olive groves in ...201526313956
discrimination and classification of olive tree varieties and cultivation zones by biophenol contents.the peak areas from a high-performance liquid chromatography-diode array (hplc-dad) analysis of biophenols extracted from olive leaves have been used as chemotaxonomic markers to construct chemometric models in order to discriminate and classify (1) 13 varieties of olea europaea olive trees, namely, alameño, arbequina, azulillo, chorna, hojiblanca, lechín, manzanillo, negrillo, nevadillo, ocal, pierra, sevillano, and tempranillo, from the same cultivation zone and (2) arbequina samples from six ...200617177490
the role of temperature in the onset of the olea europaea l. pollen season in southwestern spain.temperature is one of the main factors affecting the flowering of mediterranean trees. in the case of olea europaea l., a low-temperature period prior to bud development is essential to interrupt dormancy. after that, and once a base temperature is reached, the plant accumulates heat until flowering starts. different methods of obtaining the best-forecast model for the onset date of the o. europaea pollen season, using temperature as the predictive parameter, are proposed in this paper. an 18-ye ...200111411416
daily variation patterns of airborne allergenic pollen in southwestern spain.the study was carried out using a burkard sampler installed on the roof terrace of the school of pharmacy, seville, for two years (1995 and 1996). eight pollen types described in the literature as having allergenic activity were chosen. they were poaceae, olea europaea, chenopodiaceae/amaranthaceae, plantago, rumex, urticaceae (including parietaria), cupressaceae, and platanus hispanica. the types were grouped according to the similarity of their pattern of intradiurnal variation in pollen conce ...19989615301
sensitization to olea europaea: geographical differences and discrepancies.thirty eight patients from two geographical areas of spain, with great differences in olea europaea pollen counts were studied to investigate their in vivo and in vitro immune response to this pollen as a consequence of their different environmental allergen exposure. they were distributed in two groups (13 from madrid, and 25 from jaén). skin sensitivity was assessed by a prick-test dose-response bioassay using serial dilutions of a biologically standardized allergen extract of o. europaea. ser ...19979269505
olea europaea airborne pollen in southern spain.olea europaea pollen is one of the most abundant constituent pollens in seville (southern spain). it is responsible for many documented cases of pollinosis in the area.19979087152
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