changing diversity of hymenopteran parasitoids from organically and conventionally managed tea-ecosystem of north bengal, india.tea, camellia sinensis (l.) o. kuntze, is grown conventionally (application of chemical fertilizer and pesticides) as well as organically in darjeeling hills and adjoining plains. studies on parasitic hymenoptera gain relevance due to their effective role as biocontrol agents for maintenance of ecological balance and as biological indicators of health of tea agro-ecosystem. diversity of the hymenopterans was studied using shannon-weaver index (1963) both at morphospecies and family levels. the a ...200516334289
prevalence of undernutrition among children (5-12 years) belonging to three communities residing in a similar habitat in north bengal, india, children show a high incidence of undernutrition and constitute a highly susceptible group.201019961351
pesticide residue level in tea ecosystems of hill and dooars regions of west bengal, the present study we quantified the residues of organophosphorus (e.g. ethion and chlorpyrifos), organochlorine (e.g. heptachlor, dicofol, alpha-endosulfan, beta-endosulfan, endosulfan sulfate) and synthetic pyrethroid (e.g. cypermethrin and deltamethrin) pesticides in made tea, fresh tea leaves, soils and water bodies from selected tea gardens in the dooars and hill regions of west bengal, india during april and november, 2006. the organophosphorus (op) pesticide residues were detected in 10 ...200918286381
determination of trace and heavy metals in some commonly used medicinal herbs in ayurveda.traditionally, the herbal drugs are well established for their therapeutic benefits. depending upon their geographical sources sometimes the trace and heavy metals' content may differ, which may lead to severe toxicity. so, the toxicological and safety assessment of these herbal drugs are one of the major issues in recent days. eight different plant species including aloe vera, centella asiatica, calendula officinalis, cucumis sativus, camellia sinensis, clitoria ternatea, piper betel and tagete ...201423222691
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