counts of selected duck species at corner inlet, victoria: changes in relation to local and distant meteorological variations.numbers of four duck species present within a study area in a tidal embayment (corner inlet, south-eastern australia) were obtained between 1977 and 2002. the species involved were chestnut (anas castanea) and grey (a. gracilis) teal, pacific black duck (a. superciliosa) and australian shelduck (tadorna tadornoides) and counts are compared with local and distant meteorological data. chestnut and grey teal were most, and australian shelduck least, abundant. there was considerable monthly and annu ...201019937455
an outbreak of botulism in wild waterbirds in southern outbreak of type c botulism in waterbirds was investigated at lake lalbert in northwestern victoria, australia. total losses were estimated at 1,500 birds, with 80% of affected birds being grey teal (anas gibberifrons). the outbreak was associated with a falling water level, and extensive decomposition of plant material.19854078968
the influence of climate variability on numbers of three waterbird species in western port, victoria, 1973-2002.seasonal and annual movements of australian waterbirds are generally more complex than those of their northern hemisphere counterparts, and long-term data are needed to understand their relationships with climatic variables. this paper explores a long-term (1973-2002) set of waterbird counts from coastal victoria and relates them to climatic data at local and continental scales. three species (black swan cygnus atratus, white-faced heron egretta novaehollandiae and grey teal anas gracilis) were ...200616435107
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