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insights into persistence mechanisms of a zoonotic virus in bat colonies using a multispecies metapopulation model.rabies is a worldwide zoonosis resulting from lyssavirus infection. in europe, eptesicus serotinus is the most frequently reported bat species infected with lyssavirus, and thus considered to be the reservoir of european bat lyssavirus type 1 (eblv-1). to date, the role of other bat species in eblv-1 epidemiology and persistence remains unknown. here, we built an eblv-1-transmission model based on local observations of a three-cave and four-bat species (myotis capaccinii, myotis myotis, miniopte ...201424755619
european bat lyssavirus infection in spanish bat populations.from 1992 to 2000, 976 sera, 27 blood pellets, and 91 brains were obtained from 14 bat species in 37 localities in spain. specific anti-european bat lyssavirus 1 (ebl1)-neutralizing antibodies have been detected in myotis myotis, miniopterus schreibersii, tadarida teniotis, and rhinolophus ferrumequinum in the region of aragon and the balearic islands. positive results were also obtained by nested reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction on brain, blood pellet, lung, heart, tongue, and es ...200211971777
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