[changes in the village foci of tick-borne relapsing fever in uzbekistan over a 10-year period].the paper presents the results of repeated investigations in the tick relapsing fever nidus (trf) conducted after a ten-year interval in gava settlement situated in the foothill area of the namangan province of uzbekistan. a considerable deterioration in the habitat conditions of the vector, ornithodoros papillipes bir., due to the intensified anthropogenic effect, and decrease in its number have been noted. the distribution range of the tick (percent of infested farmsteads) in this case did not ...19911838806
[the tick ornithodoros papillipes count in namangan and andizhan provinces and its determining factors].analysis of the abundance of the tick o. papillipes in the namangan and andizhan districts was conducted on vast material. according to the tick abundance (from very high to very low) settlements were arranged into five groups. most common are settlements with a high and average tick abundance. in most cases the agent of trf was isolated from the ticks. natural and anthropogenic factors determining the abundance rate of ticks in some settlements and possibilities of their practical use for the q ...19862939389
[tick-borne relapsing fever morbidity in namangan].the authors discuss the incidence of tick-borne relapsing fever in the town of namangan (uzbekistan) in 1976-1991 and the possible sites of human infection; the agent, ornithodoros papillipes, has never been detected over this period. analysis of many-year and seasonal time course of the disease incidence, of the age of the patients and their residence, characterization of the possible habitats of the agents, and comparison of the situation in the town with that in the adjacent rural territories ...19938336649
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