incidence of airborne aspergillus flavus spores in cornfields of five states.airborne aspergillus flavus spores were rarely detected throughout the 1975 growing season by the agar plate method at cornfield sites in georgia, illinois, maryland, south carolina, and virginia.1978416756
results of a nationwide survey to determine feedstuffs fed to lactating dairy cows.a nationwide survey to determine feedstuffs used in the diets of dairy cows was conducted. this survey was mailed to dairy nutritionists at universities in each state to describe the use of 144 feedstuffs. twenty-eight states responded and were grouped by region as follows: northeast (maine, maryland, new hampshire, new york, ohio, vermont, and west virginia), northwest (idaho, oregon, and washington), midwest (iowa, illinois, michigan, minnesota, missouri, nebraska, north dakota, south dakota, ...199910068966
european corn borer (lepidoptera: crambidae) infestation level and plant growth stage on whole-plant corn yield grown for silage in virginia.field experiments were conducted in 2004 and 2005 to determine the effect of different levels of hand-infested third instar european corn borer, ostrinia nubilalis (hiibner) (lepidoptera: crambidae), on whole-plant yield and plant growth stage in corn, zea mays l., grown for silage. in 2004 and 2005, european corn borer infestation level had a significant negative impact on whole-plant yield (grams of dry matter per plant) with increasing infestation; however, whole-plant yield was not significa ...200920069843
repeated compost application effects on phosphorus runoff in the virginia piedmont.increasing amounts of animal and municipal wastes are being composted before land application to improve handling and spreading characteristics, and to reduce odor and disease incidence. repeated applications of composted biosolids and manure to cropland may increase the risk for p enrichment of agricultural runoff. we conducted field research in 2003 and 2004 on a fauquier silty clay loam (ultic hapludalfs) to compare the effects of annual (since 1999) applications of composted and uncomposted ...201517071905
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