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association between tortilla consumption and human urinary fumonisin b1 levels in a mexican population.fumonisins are mycotoxins produced by fusarium spp. and commonly contaminate maize and maize products worldwide. fumonisins are rodent carcinogens and have been associated with human esophageal cancer. however, the lack of a valid exposure biomarker has hindered both the assessment of human exposure and the evaluation of disease risk. a sensitive liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry method to measure urinary fumonisin b1 (fb1) following extraction on oasis max cartridges was established and a ...200818349288
calling behavior, copulation time, and reproductive compatibility of corn-strain fall armyworm (lepidoptera: noctuidae) from populations in mexico.the calling behavior, mating time, and the reproductive compatibility of virgin adults of fall armyworms, spodoptera frugiperda (j. e. smith), were studied in this work. larvae were collected on maize (zea mays l.) from six states located on the pacific coast (chiapas, michoacán, and sinaloa), on the gulf of mexico (veracruz and yucatan), and in central mexico (morelos). before the experiments, insects were reared under laboratory conditions for one generation. we recorded the age at which femal ...201728881955
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