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[epidemiologic findings in esophageal cancer in the veneto region].the results of an epidemiological study using the case-control method on 150 oesophageal cancer cases, observed at the iiird surgical department in padua and on 150 controls are presented. the results show that alcohol an maize flour (corn meal) are two aetiopathogenetic factors of verified statistical significance in oesophageal carcinoma in the veneto population. this confirms other studies among populations with a high risk of oesophageal cancer.19827088379
evaluating energy efficiency of site-specific tillage in maize in ne italy.this paper examine the efficiency of energy use of three conservation tillage practices (sst - sub-soil tillage; mt - minimum tillage; and nt - no tillage) performed within two management zones, previously identified in a field according to the stability of yield variability. experiments were carried out in 2003 in ne italy, on a farm near rovigo, on a 8-ha field with clay soil, in maize (zea mays, l.). the purpose of the paper is (i) to investigate the energy variability due to these tillage pr ...200818304805
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