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incidence of fusarium moniliforme sheld. in zea mays l. in the rainforest zone of nigeria.45 seed samples from 7 states of the rainforest zone of nigeria (ogun, ondo, oyo, bendel, anambra, imo, and cross river) were screened for phytopathogen incidence. whereas drechslera maydis was found in 30 and cephalosporium maydis in 79% of the samples were infected by fusarium moniliforme, with 70% of the samples showing heavy infection. in view of the widespread nature of this economically important fungus on maize in the main cultivation area of nigeria, the necessity for routine laboratory ...1979550860
evaluation of growth performances of some locally farmed maize (zea mays l.) in cross river state, nigeria under different concentrations of silicon.growth performances of four maize varieties (91 suwani, tzl comp 4, dt str y syn 2 and iwo syn c2) were investigated at four levels of silicon concentration (0, 2500, 5000 and 7500 mg, with 0 mg as control).201729023015
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