simulated effects of crop rotations and residue management on wind erosion in wuchuan, west-central inner mongolia, china.for decades, wind erosion has triggered dust and sand storms, buffeting beijing and areas of northwestern china to the point of being hazardous to human health while rapidly eroding crop and livestock productivity. the epic (environmental policy integrated climate) field-scale simulation model was used to assess long-term effects of improved crop rotations and crop residue management practices on wind erosion in wuchuan county in inner mongolia. simulation results indicate that preserving crop s ...200212175042
complete sequence of the genomic rna of the prevalent strain of a potyvirus infecting maize in china.the complete nucleotide sequence of the prevalent strain of a potyvirus isolated from maize in beijing, china was determined and compared with other closely related potyviruses. the viral genome comprises 9595 nucleotides, excluding the poly (a) tail, and encodes a putative polyprotein of 3063 amino acid residues. sequence comparison of the coat proteins showed that this isolate was most closely related to most other potyviral isolates infecting maize across china with identities of about 99% an ...200312664299
isolation and identification of nitrogen-fixing bacilli from plant rhizospheres in beijing isolate and identify nitrogen-fixing bacilli from the plant rhizospheres in beijing region of china.200516238759
[analysis of trace elements in corncob by microwave digestion-icp-aes].the contents of trace elements of zn, mg, mn, sr, fe, pb, cu and se in the corncob collected from beijing, shan-dong, jilin, yunnan, xinjiang, gansu, shanxi, shaanxi, jiangsu, neimeng in china were determined by icp-aes using microwave digestion. the optimum condition of digesting the corncob was: put 1.5 ml of 68% nitric acid and 0.5 ml of hydrofluoric acid in the pot, then digested the sample with 3 steps under the 400 w power in the microwave oven. this digesting procedure could completely an ...200717944429
dissipation and residue of s-metolachlor in maize and soil.the purpose of this article was to establish a simple residue analysis method for s-metolachlor in maize and to study its dissipation and residue in maize field eco-system. the results showed that s-metolachlor declined rapidly in maize seedling and soil after application. the half-lives of s-metolachlor in maize seedlings in beijing and changchun were 6.68 and 4.85 days, respectively, and in soil were 12.81 and 14.81 days, respectively. the terminal residues of s-metolachlor in soil samples wer ...200818473109
effectiveness of a water-saving super-absorbent polymer in soil water conservation for corn (zea mays l.) based on eco-physiological parameters.the objective was to study soil water conservation and physiological growth of corn (zea mays l.) using water-saving super-absorbent polymer (sap) at 30 kg ha(-1). the effectiveness of sap was studied under three irrigation levels (adequate, moderate and deficit) using a new type of negative hydraulic pressure controlled auto-irrigator in the years 2009 and 2010 in a greenhouse at beijing, p.r. china.201121495038
dissipation and residues of nicosulfuron in corn and soil under field conditions.a simple, sensitive method for the analysis of nicosulfuron in corn and soil was developed. samples were extracted with acetonitrile: water (2:3, v/v) mixture and partitioned with dichloromethane. after concentration, the soil sample extracts were detected using high performance liquid chromatography-ultraviolet detector (hplc-uvd), and the corn sample extracts were detected using high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry detector (hplc-msd). the fortified recoveries at 0.05-1.0 m ...201020512311
nitrogen deposition and its contribution to nutrient inputs to intensively managed agricultural ecosystems.interest in nitrogen inputs via atmospheric deposition to agricultural ecosystems has increased recently, especially on the north china plain because of extremely intensive agricultural systems and rapid urbanization in this region. nitrogen deposition may make a significant contribution to crop n requirements but may also impose a considerable nutrient burden on the environment in general. we quantified total n deposition at two locations, dongbeiwang near beijing and quzhou in hebei province, ...201020349831
the impact of sewage irrigation on the uptake of mercury in corn plants (zea mays) from suburban beijing.the impact of sewage irrigation on the uptake and translocation of mercury (hg) in corn plants (zea mays) was investigated. corn plants were harvested the same day from two nearby fields in suburban beijing, one irrigated historically with sewage effluent, and one irrigated solely with groundwater. hg content was analyzed in the soil, roots and stems, while percent moisture and soil organic content were analyzed in the soil samples. the concentration of hg in the soil and roots, and the soil org ...200717442470
impacts of sewage irrigation on heavy metal distribution and contamination in beijing, china.a potential hazard to beijing was revealed due to the accumulation trend of heavy metals in agricultural soils with sewage irrigation, which results in metal contamination and human exposure risk. samples including soils and plants were collected to assess the impacts of sewage irrigation on the irrigated farming area of beijing. concentrations of the five elements cd, cr, cu, zn, and pb were determined in samples to calculate the accumulation factor and to establish a basis for environmental pr ...200515979146
assessing field vulnerability to phosphorus loss in beijing agricultural area using revised field phosphorus ranking scheme.guanting reservoir, one of the drinking water supply sources of beijing, suffers from water eutrophication. it is mainly supplied by guishui river. thus, to investigate the reasons of phosphorus (p) loss and improve the p management strategies in guishui river watershed are important for the safety of drinking water in this region. in this study, a revised field p ranking scheme (prs) was developed to reflect the field vulnerability of p loss at the field scale based on the field prs. in this ne ...200717966855
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