[distribution characteristics of soil phosphorus in maize belt farmlands of northeast china].the study on the vertical distribution and latitudinal differentiation of soil total and organic phosphorus (p) down to 100 cm depth in maize belt farmlands of northeast china showed that in hailun and harbin of heilongjiang province, gongzhuling of jilin province, and dashiqiao of liaoning province, soil total p decreased with soil depth, being significant higher in 0-40 cm than in 40-100 cm (p < 0.01). in dehui of jilin province and in changtu and shenyang of liaoning province, soil total p wa ...200819102305
effects of maize stover and its derived biochar on greenhouse gases emissions and c-budget of brown earth in northeast china.concerns regarding rising population levels and the impacts of atmospheric greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions on world climate have encouraged effective alternative methods to increase agricultural production while mitigating climate change. soil ghg emissions from maize (zea mays l.) fields treated with stover and a stover-derived biochar amendment during two consecutive maize growing seasons were studied in a brown earth soil type in liaoning, china. we considered three treatments: ck (basal appli ...201728150149
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