a preliminary study on mercury contamination to the environment from artisanal zinc smelting using indigenous methods in hezhang county, guizhou, china: part 2. mercury contaminations to soil and crop.artisanal zinc smelting using indigenous method in hezhang county, guizhou, china has posed seriously environmental pollution to the local environment. within less than 150 km2 area in hezhang, a few metric tons of mercury were released into the atmosphere each year since 1989 due to artisanal zinc smelting, and the surface waters were seriously contaminated with mercury. for the first time, we investigated the mercury contamination to the local soil and crop compartments due to mercury emission ...200616223519
[the relations between dental fluorosis and economic status in shuicheng, a fluorosis-endemic county in guizhou province].to discuss the relations of dental fluorosis and the social economic status in fluorosis-stricken villages where drying the corn by burning coal was prevail.200717767875
environmental mercury contamination of an artisanal zinc smelting area in weining county, guizhou, investigate the extent of hg contamination due to artisanal zn smelting activities in weining county, northwestern guizhou, china, total hg and methyl mercury (mehg) concentrations in soil and surface water were determined. samples of corn plants growing in the study area were also collected for total hg analysis. a high geometric mean hg emission factor of 75ghgt(-1)zn was estimated and significantly elevated total gaseous mercury (tgm) concentrations were found in the atmosphere adjacent to ...200818162270
endemic arsenosis caused by indoor combustion of high-as coal in guizhou province, p.r. china.the arsenic (as) content of coal relating with mineralization of gold in southwest guizhou province, china is up to 35,000 ppm. the coal is burned indoors in open pits for daily cooking and crop drying. as a result, arsenic is precipitated and concentrated in corn (5-20 ppm), chili (100-800 ppm) and other foods. arsenic concentrations in the drinking water of high-as coal areas are lower than 50 ppb. the estimated main sources of as exposure in this area are from polluted food. approximately, 30 ...200516237608
mercury contaminations from historic mining to water, soil and vegetation in lanmuchang, guizhou, southwestern china.concentrations of total mercury and methylmercury (mehg) were measured in soil and vegetation samples collected from a small area with a long history of hg-mining. hg distributions were determined in stream-waters during two sampling periods. total hg concentrations in soil and vegetation samples were highly elevated ranging from 0.41 to 610 mg kg(-1) and from 0.02 to 55 mg kg(-1), respectively. mehg concentrations varied from 0.41 to 8.8 microg kg(-1) in soil samples and from 0.65 to 5.5 microg ...200616216311
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