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chemical forms of selenium in corn and rice grown in a high selenium area of china.the chemical forms of selenium were determined in maize grown near yutangba village and in rice grown near haubei village, exi prefecture, enshi county of hubei province, china. the maize sample contained 18 ppm and the rice samples an average of 3.6 ppm selenium. after they were ground to obtain a fine flour, this was acid hydrolyzed with hydrochloric acid in an inert atmosphere and the hydrolyzates chromatographed on columns of dionex dc6a resin. the results indicate that the majority of the s ...19911781934
identification of rice black-streaked dwarf fijivirus in maize with rough dwarf disease in china.three virus isolates from maize with rough dwarf in different provinces in china were analyzed at the molecular level. when compared to an isolate from diseased rice plants in hubei province, all four isolates had identical genomic rna electrophoretic profiles, which were composed of ten double-stranded (ds) rnas. full-length cdnas of segment 10 (s10) from each of the four isolates were cloned by rt-pcr and the complete sequences were determined. analysis of the sequences revealed that each cons ...200111266211
[surveillance on contamination of total aflatoxins in corn, peanut, rice, walnut and pine nut in several areas in china].to realize the contamination of total aflatoxins in corn, peanut, rice, walnut and pine nut in china, and provide the base data for establishing a china tolerance limit standard and an international control practice for total aflatoxins.200616620597
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