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optimising yield and resource utilisation of summer maize under the conditions of increasing density and reducing nitrogen fertilization.the inefficient use of resources always poses risks of maize (zea mays l.) yield reduction in china. we performed this research to monitor the effects of increasing plant density and reducing nitrogen (n) rate on radiation-use efficiency (rue), n efficiency traits, grain yield (gy) and their inter-relationships. besides, whether gy and resource-use efficiency can both be maximized was examined. hence, a 2-year field experiment was conducted using a widely grown variety "denghai 618" in shandong, ...201728983648
factors affecting summer maize yield under climate change in shandong province in the huanghuaihai region of china.clarification of influencing factors (cultivar planted, cultivation management, climatic conditions) affecting yields of summer maize (zea mays l.) would provide valuable information for increasing yields further under variable climatic conditions. here, we report actual maize yields in the huanghuaihai region over the past 50 years (1957-2007), simulated yields of major varieties in different years (baimaya in the 1950s, zhengdan-2 in the 1970s, yedan-13 in the 1990s, and zhengdan-958 in the 20 ...201221688211
cry2ab tolerance response of helicoverpa armigera (lepidoptera: noctuidae) populations from crylac cotton planting region.helicoverpa armigera (hübner) (lepidoptera: noctuidae) is an important lepidopteran pest of cotton, gossypium hirsutum l., in asia. transgenic cotton expressing the cry1ac gene from bacillus thuringiensis (bt) has been widely planted for control of this pest. for managing the potential risk from resistance evolution in this pest, a new transgenic bt cotton containing cry1ac and cry2ab genes (gene pyramided strategy) was designed as a successor of cry1ac cotton. this article reports on levels of ...200919610441
[analysis of trace elements in corncob by microwave digestion-icp-aes].the contents of trace elements of zn, mg, mn, sr, fe, pb, cu and se in the corncob collected from beijing, shan-dong, jilin, yunnan, xinjiang, gansu, shanxi, shaanxi, jiangsu, neimeng in china were determined by icp-aes using microwave digestion. the optimum condition of digesting the corncob was: put 1.5 ml of 68% nitric acid and 0.5 ml of hydrofluoric acid in the pot, then digested the sample with 3 steps under the 400 w power in the microwave oven. this digesting procedure could completely an ...200717944429
[spatial variability analysis of soil arsenic in zibo maize producing area, shandong province].spatial variability and distribution of soil arsenic in zibo maize producing area, shandong province were studied using geostatistics and geographic information system (gis) techniques. positive skewed distribution was observed; logarithm transformation was applied in order to achieve normality in the data set and to reduce the affect of outliers. the results show that experimental semi-variogram exists distinct anisotropic and has the strongest continuity in the direction of northeastern 70 deg ...200617111633
nitrogen balance and groundwater nitrate contamination: comparison among three intensive cropping systems on the north china plain.the annual nitrogen (n) budget and groundwater nitrate-n concentrations were studied in the field in three major intensive cropping systems in shandong province, north china. in the greenhouse vegetable systems the annual n inputs from fertilizers, manures and irrigation water were 1358, 1881 and 402 kg n ha(-1) on average, representing 2.5, 37.5 and 83.8 times the corresponding values in wheat (triticum aestivum l.)-maize (zea mays l.) rotations and 2.1, 10.4 and 68.2 times the values in apple ...200616364521
a universal pcr primer to detect members of the potyviridae and its use to examine the taxonomic status of several members of the family.a universal primer (sprimer: 5'-ggx aay aay agy ggx caz cc-3', x = a, g, c or t; y = t or c; z = a or g), designed from the consensus sequences that code for the conserved sequence gnnsgqp in the nib region of members of the family potyviridae, was used to amplify by rt-pcr the 3'-terminal genome regions from infected plant samples representing 21 different viruses in the family. sequencing of some of the fragments (c. 1.7 kb) showed that the type strain (attc pv-107) of oat necrotic mottle viru ...200111402861
fusarium mycotoxins in corn and corn products in a high-risk area for gastric cancer in shandong province, china.consumption of fermented, but not unfermented, corn pancakes has been linked with elevated stomach cancer mortality rates in rural linqu county in shandong province, china. previous surveys of fungal contamination of corn in china have detected fumonisins, which are mycotoxins produced by fusarium moniliforme. to determine whether mycotoxins might account for the increased risk of cancer among those consuming fermented pancakes, we obtained specimens of corn, cornmeal, unfermented and fermented ...199910367384
urban-rural difference in cereal consumption by people in shandong province, october, 1996, 24-hour food duplicate samples were collected from two groups of 50 adult women each; one group was in jinan, the capital city of shandong province in china, and the other in a farming village of baiquan in zhangqiu area some 30 km away from the city. perusal of food menus showed that wheat, rice, foxtail millet and maize were major cereals for the two groups. nutritional analysis of the food duplicate samples were conducted taking advantage of weight of each food item and the ...19979550129
maize and foxtail millet as substantial sources of dietary lead 1996, 24-h food duplicate samples were collected from two groups of 50 non-smoking women each; one group was in jinan, the capital city of shandong province in china, and the other in a farming village in the zhangqiu area some 30 km away from the city. the people in the village took significantly more dietary lead (46 micrograms/day) than their counterparts in the city (26 micrograms/day), and blood lead concentrations (35 and 50 micrograms/l for the urban and the rural people, respectively) ...19979496651
fumonisins as a possible contributory risk factor for primary liver cancer: a 3-year study of corn harvested in haimen, china, by hplc and elisa.employing hplc fluorometry, gas-liquid chromatography (glc) and a novel enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) based on a monoclonal antibody, 40 corn samples, each collected in 1993 from agricultural stocks for human consumption in haimen (jiangsu county) and penlai (shandong province), high- and low-risk areas for primary liver cancer (plc) in china, respectively, were analysed for fumonisins (fbs), aflatoxins (afs) and trichothecenes. levels and positive rates of fbs and deoxynivalenol (do ...19979449219
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