[analysis of trace elements in corncob by microwave digestion-icp-aes].the contents of trace elements of zn, mg, mn, sr, fe, pb, cu and se in the corncob collected from beijing, shan-dong, jilin, yunnan, xinjiang, gansu, shanxi, shaanxi, jiangsu, neimeng in china were determined by icp-aes using microwave digestion. the optimum condition of digesting the corncob was: put 1.5 ml of 68% nitric acid and 0.5 ml of hydrofluoric acid in the pot, then digested the sample with 3 steps under the 400 w power in the microwave oven. this digesting procedure could completely an ...200717944429
effects of mercury released from gold extraction by amalgamation on renal function and environment in shanxi, china.we investigated the distribution of mercury and its impacts on the renal function of the residents living in mercury-contaminated area due to gold extraction by amalgamation in some area of shanxi, china. the results showed that mercury concentrations in contaminated air in four seasons were 79-240 ng/m(3). the mercury concentration in the river across contaminated area was also high. the mercury contents in the grain were higher than those in the non-mercury contaminated area. the urinary mercu ...200919387524
[effect of straw return to field and fertilization in autumn on dryland corn growth and on water and fertilizer efficiency].a ten years location experiment of various kinds straw return to field and deep fertilization in autumn was conducted in shouyang dryland experimental area of shanxi province to study their effect on the growth and yield of dryland corn, the use efficency of soil water and fertilizer, and the changes of soil fertility. the results showed that this kind of experimental method could better solve the contradiction of deep fertilization with maintaining soil moisture and keeping a full stand of seed ...200415506105
corn and wheat-flour consumption and mortality from esophageal cancer in shanxi, order to identify factors that may explain the great variation in mortality from esophageal cancer in shanxi province, china, an ecological study was carried out in 21 communes in that province. mortality data were obtained from the registration records of the population of 148,928 during 1983 to 1988, which provided 744,640 person-years of observation. the data regarding average consumption of each kind of grain, potatoes and sweet potatoes were from food allocation records. the data regardi ...19938473048
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