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genetic diversity of maize (zea mays l.) landraces from southwest china based on ssr data.genetic diversity of 54 maize landraces from southwest china was tested using bulk dna samples and 42 microsatellite (ssr) loci distributed on 10 chromosomes of maize. a total of 256 alleles were detected among the landraces. at each locus, the number of alleles varied from 2 to 9, with an average of 6.1. on the basis of the genetic similarity coefficients, clustering analysis separated the landraces into four groups. the landraces collected from the same region were mostly grouped together. to ...200717884695
evaluation on the germplasm of maize (zea mays l.) landraces from southwest china.because of their local adaptation and economic factors that limit the adoption of commercial hybrids, farmer-saved maize landraces are still grown over a considerable area concentrated in southwest china. to evaluate the potential of using maize landraces, the germplasm characteristics of 96 landraces from southwest china were evaluated at phenotypic, cellular, and molecular levels. the existence of high phenotypic variation and elite germplasm tolerant to low-n, low-p, as well as drought stress ...201628081280
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