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leucobacter zeae sp. nov., isolated from the rhizosphere of maize (zea mays l.).a novel yellow-pigmented, aerobic, rod-shaped, non-motile bacterium, designated strain ccmf41t, was isolated from rhizosphere soil of maize (zea mays) collected in wufeng district, taichung, taiwan. strain cc-mf41t exhibited 16s rrna gene sequence similarity of 97.5, 97.3, 97.2 and 97.1% to leucobacter chironomi mm2lbt (and ‘leucobacter kyeonggiensis’f3-p9 and ‘l. humi’ re-6, the names of which have not been validly published), leucobactertardus k70/01t, l. komagatae ifo 15245t and ‘leucobacter ...201526420495
pythiogeton zizaniae, a new species causing basal stalk rot of water bamboo in taiwan.a new species, pythiogeton zizaniae, was isolated from diseased water bamboo (zizania latifolia) in central taiwan. the organism formed a colony with scanty mycelia and mycelial aggregates on rye-water bamboo medium. special treatments were required for production of sporangia which were terminal, noncaducous and mostly ovoid. chlamydospores were absent. the fungus was homothallic. oogonia produced on v-8 water bamboo medium in water were mostly globose to subglobose and each was attached with a ...200616800309
occurrence of fumonisin b1 in maize imported into taiwan.samples of maize imported into taiwan during 1997-1998 were collected and analyzed for the presence of fumonisin b1 (fb1) using high performance liquid chromatography. eight (6.8%) of 118 samples were found to contain fb1 (334-1614 microg kg(-1)). the frequency of fb1 found in maize samples imported from australia was 20%, followed by thailand (10%), and usa (5.1%). in analyzing the distribution pattern, it was found that 93.2% of the samples had fb1 concentrations below 100 microg kg(-1), and o ...200111322697
natural occurrence of fumonisins b(1) and b(2) in domestic maize of taiwan.samples of maize grown in various districts of taiwan were collected and analyzed for the presence of fumonisin b(1) (fb(1)) and fumonisin b(2) (fb(2)) using high-performance liquid chromatography. forty-nine (44.5%) and 2 (1.8%) of 110 samples were found to contain fb(1) (109-1148 ng/g) and fb(2) (222-255 ng/g), respectively. the frequency of detection and also the maximum fb(1) concentration were found in samples from penton (2/2, 262 ng/g), followed by chiayi (18/26, 264 ng/g), tainan (8/16, ...199910552892
occurrence of fumonisin b1 and b2 in corn-based foodstuffs in taiwan market.corn-based human foodstuffs purchased in taiwan were analyzed for fumonisin b1 (fb1) and fumonisin b2 (fb2) using high-performance liquid chromatography. fifty-two (33.9%) and 32 (20.9%) of 153 samples were found to contain fb1 (73-2395 ng/g) and fb2 (120-715 ng/g), respectively. the highest frequency of detection and also the highest fb1 concentrations were found in sweetcorn (50%, 1089 ng/g) and cornflour (50%, 608 ng/g), followed by corn snacks (33.3%, 2395 ng/g), miscellaneous corn products ...19979299759
effect of protein and starch degradation rates on rumen metabolism in taiwan native goat.six ruminal and duodenal cannulated taiwan native goats (body weight = 20 kg) were fed 35% roughage, 65% concentrate diet (crude protein = 9.5%) in a 6 x 6 latin square design to study the effect of the combination of 3 varying starch (corn) and 2 varying protein (soybeans) ruminal degradation rates on ruminal microbial density and ruminal nutrient digestibilities. goats in treatment consisting of both rapid starch and protein ruminal degradation rates had higher total bacterial and protozoal nu ...19957624449
ear-rot fungi and mycotoxins in south african corn of the 1989 crop exported to taiwan.a shipment of south african corn (1989) exported to taiwan, was analyzed for various ear-rot fungi and fusarium mycotoxins. two sets of samples, one from the points of origin in south africa prior to shipment, and the other from the end-point distributors in taiwan, were studied. surface-sterilized kernels were plated onto two different agar media and the fungal colonies identified. high performance liquid chromatography was used to analyze mycotoxin levels. the predominant ear-rot fungi, in dec ...19947935737
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