cyclopiazonic acid in combination with aflatoxins, zearalenone and ochratoxin a in indonesian corn.the mycotoxin, cyclopiazonic acid (cpa), was detected at concentrations as high as 9 ppm in 21 of 26 corn samples from a bogor poultry feedmill. this is the first demonstration of the natural occurrence of cpa in indonesia. cpa was always accompanied by other mycotoxins, especially aflatoxins, suggesting that the interactive toxicity of these mycotoxins to poultry should be investigated.19882976896
corn as a source of mycotoxins in indonesian poultry feeds and the effectiveness of visual examination methods for detecting contamination.every truck load of corn (n = 52) entering and every batch of poultry feed (n = 290) leaving a bogor feedmill over one year was analysed for aflatoxins, zearalenone, ochratoxin a and sterigmatocystin. fifty loads of corn and 274 of the batches of chicken feed contained aflatoxins. zearalenone was detected in 11 corn samples but was not found in the formulated feed. ochratoxin a was detected in one corn sample, but not in feed. corn can account for all of the aflatoxin in the feed since levels we ...19882971140
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