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aflatoxin contamination of maize in flooded areas of bhagalpur, india.maize in flood-affected areas in the bhagalpur district of india in 1985 demonstrated heavy infestations of aspergillus flavus and aflatoxins. sixty samples collected from various field lots were positive in the bright greenish yellow fluorescence test. however, only 42 of those samples were found to be contaminated with deleterious levels of aflatoxins. factors affecting aflatoxin contamination are discussed.19873111373
incidence of mycotoxins in maize grains in bihar state, india.a regular survey of some maize-growing areas of bihar state, india, for three consecutive years (september 1984 to september 1986) revealed heavy infestations of mycotoxin-producing fungi with different maize samples. aflatoxin-producing fungi had the highest frequency of occurrence in all the cases and aflatoxins were the most common mycotoxins elaborated by these fungi. maize samples of the kharif crop had a greater incidence of aflatoxins (47%) than the samples of rabi crop (17%). stored maiz ...19902307267
monitoring and identification of aflatoxins in wheat, gram and maize flours in bihar state (india).the occurrence of aflatoxins in some common food commodities: wheat, gram and maize flours is reported. of the total 416 collections during three years (1987-1989) 162 were recorded to be aflatoxin-positive. the incidence of aflatoxins was maximum in the samples of 1987. most of the contaminated samples contained aflatoxins at levels above 20 micrograms/kg. the environmental conditions and traditional agronomic and storage practices relating to aflatoxin incidence are discussed.19911806394
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