aflatoxin b1 contamination in maize samples collected from different geographical regions of india--a multicentre study.under a multicentre study conducted by the indian council of medical research, 2,074 samples of maize were collected from rural and urban areas of 11 states representing different geographical regions of the country. these samples were analysed for aflatoxin b1 using the aoac method. analytical quality assurance between various participating laboratories was ensured through analysis of check-samples. about 26% of maize samples collected from 11 states exceeded the permissible indian regulatory l ...19979102348
occurrence of fumonisin b1 in maize and poultry feeds in haryana, india.a total of 100 maize and 50 poultry feed samples collected in 1998 at random from nine and eight districts of haryana, respectively, were analysed for fumonisin b1. the samples were collected from poultry farms, feed manufacturers and markets. ninety one (91%) maize samples and forty two (84%) poultry feed samples were found to contain fumonisin b1. fumonisin b1 contamination in the maize samples ranged from 0.1-87.0 ppm. whereas the poultry feed samples contained fumonisin b1 in the range of 0. ...199911086483
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