suppression of damping-off in maize seedlings by pseudomonas corrugata.two strains of pseudomonas corrugata, (1 and 7), isolated from subtropical and temperate soils in sikkim himalaya, respectively, were subjected to petri-dish as well as plant-based bioassay to examine their potential for disease suppression against three major pathogens of maize. a mixture of pythium ultimum, p. arrhenomanes and fusarium graminearum was introduced in the soil; maize seed inoculated with one of the two strains of pseudomonas corrugata (1 or 7) were sown in pots containing such so ...200111572460
analysis of phenotypic and microsatellite-based diversity of maize landraces in india, especially from the north east himalayan region.the maize landraces in the north east himalayan (neh) region in india, especially in the sikkim state, are morphologically highly diverse. the present study provides details of phenotypic and molecular characterization of a set of 48 selected maize landrace accessions, including the 'sikkim primitives' which have a unique habit of prolificacy (5-9 ears on a single stalk). multi-location phenotypic evaluation of these 48 accessions revealed significant genetic variability for grain yield and its ...201020107870
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