improving nitrogen efficiency: lessons from malawi and michigan.two case studies are presented here of nitrogen (n) dynamics in potato/maize systems. contrasting systems were investigated from (1) the highland tropics of dedza, malawi in southern africa and (2) the northern temperate great lakes region of michigan. formal surveys were conducted to document grower perceptions and n management strategies. survey data were linked with n budgets conducted by reviewing on-farm data from representative farms in the targeted agroecosystems and simulation modeling t ...200112805780
intensive fattening of beef cattle by stall feeding on the lilongwe plain, malawi. i. type of forage and level and type of supplementation.experiments were undertaken with malawi zebu steers over three wet seasons to investigate the effects of feeding improved forages (zero grazed) and supplements on animal performance. the forages fed were guinea grass and pearl millet and the supplements maize: madeya (maize bran) or maize: madeya: cottonweed cake. the daily allowance of supplement was, on a dm basis, liveweight equivalent to 0-6, 1-1 or 1-5 per cent of cattle (1973, 1974). in 1975 the supplementation treatments were nil, maize: ...1977578596
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