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efficacy of a community-based dietary intervention to enhance micronutrient adequacy of high-phytate maize-based diets of rural malawian evaluate the efficacy of a community-based dietary intervention to reduce risk of micronutrient inadequacies in high-phytate maize-based malawian diets.200516277798
complementary feeding practices and dietary intakes from complementary foods amongst weanlings in rural malawi.the objectives of this study were to estimate the quantity and nutritive quality of the complementary diet in rural malawi, and to identify feeding practices, nutrients and dietary modifiers of iron and zinc bioavailability that may limit the quality of the diet.200111593345
dietary phytate reduction improves zinc absorption in malawian children recovering from tuberculosis but not in well children.high dietary phytate content that compromises zinc nutriture is thought to be a major problem among children of the developing world. zinc stable isotope techniques permit the quantitative assessment of the effect of phytate reduction on zinc homeostasis. we tested the hypothesis that zinc absorption would be increased in malawian children fed a reduced-phytate corn-plus-soy diet compared with a standard high phytate diet. twenty-three children hospitalized in blantyre, malawi, were enrolled. ch ...200011110854
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