a survey of pre-harvest ear rot diseases of maize and associated mycotoxins in south and central zambia.maize ear rots reduce grain yield and quality with implication on food security and health. some of the pathogenic fungi produce mycotoxins in maize grain posing a health risk to humans and livestock. unfortunately, the levels of ear rot and mycotoxin infection in grain produced by subsistence farmers in sub-saharan countries are not known. a survey was thus conducted to determine the prevalence of the ear rot problem and levels of mycotoxins in maize grain. a total of 114 farmsteads were random ...201020626099
maternal micronutrient status and decreased growth of zambian infants born during and after the maize price increases resulting from the southern african drought of investigate the effects on maternal micronutrient status and infant growth of the increased maize prices that resulted from the southern african drought of 2001-2002.200516277799
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