incidence of fusarium spp. and levels of fumonisin b1 in maize in western kenya.maize kernel samples were collected in 1996 from smallholder farm storages in the districts of bomet, bungoma, kakamega, kericho, kisii, nandi, siaya, trans nzoia, and vihiga in the tropical highlands of western kenya. two-thirds of the samples were good-quality maize, and one-third were poor-quality maize with a high incidence of visibly diseased kernels. one hundred fifty-three maize samples were assessed for fusarium infection by culturing kernels on a selective medium. the isolates obtained ...19999872757
comparison of safety of glucose oral rehydration solution and maize oral rehydration therapy for home management of diarrhoea in margins and variability in the composition of glucose and maize-based oral rehydration therapy (ort) prepared by mothers in a rural district of western kenya, are reported here. in a 2-year longitudinal field study, packets containing glucose ors and a home solution made with maize and table salts, were provided to the mothers of 6180 children in kakamega district in two separate sub-locations. experienced and trained field workers supported by community registered nurses provided trainin ...200111523764
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