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betterment and the gendered politics of maize production, murang'a district, central province, kenya, 1880-1952. 199919899235
aflatoxin levels in maize and maize products during the 2004 food poisoning outbreak in eastern province of kenya.on 10th may, 2004 food samples suspected to have caused acute poisoning in makueni district were received at the national public health laboratory services (nphls). on analysis, they were found to be highly contaminated with aflatoxin b1. more cases of poisoning were reported in the district and in neighbouring districts of kitui, machakos and thika. as at 20th july, 2004 the ministry of health was aware of 317 cases of which 125 resulted in deaths.200516175776
aflatoxin contamination of commercial maize products during an outbreak of acute aflatoxicosis in eastern and central april 2004, one of the largest aflatoxicosis outbreaks occurred in rural kenya, resulting in 317 cases and 125 deaths. aflatoxin-contaminated homegrown maize was the source of the outbreak, but the extent of regional contamination and status of maize in commercial markets (market maize) were unknown. we conducted a cross-sectional survey to assess the extent of market maize contamination and evaluate the relationship between market maize aflatoxin and the aflatoxicosis outbreak. we surveyed 6 ...200516330360
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