serological survey of australian native reptiles for exposure to ranavirus.ranaviruses have been isolated from many ectothermic vertebrates, and serological surveys of both amphibians and reptiles have shown the presence of ranaviral antibodies in a proportion of these populations. an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) was developed to measure serum antibodies against ranavirus in australian reptiles. the elisa was validated with serum from challenge trials with bohle iridovirus (biv) in 6 reptilian species. a preliminary sero-survey of northern queensland ripar ...201729160216
pathogenicity in six australian reptile species following experimental inoculation with bohle iridovirus.ranaviruses are able to infect multiple species of fish, amphibian and reptile, and some strains are capable of interclass transmission. these numerous potential carriers and reservoir species compound efforts to control and contain infections in cultured and wild populations, and a comprehensive knowledge of susceptible species and life stage is necessary to inform such processes. here we report on the challenge of 6 water-associated reptiles with bohle iridovirus (biv) to investigate its poten ...201526290505
experimental challenge and clinical cases of bohle iridovirus (biv) in native australian anurans.ranaviruses have been observed with increasing frequency amongst poikilothermic vertebrate hosts. the impact of ranaviruses upon amphibian populations has remained largely unknown. a gene probe for bohle iridovirus (biv) based upon primers designed to detect epizootic haematopoietic necrosis virus (ehnv) was constructed. a pcr and dot-blot system was used successfully in screening for the presence of biv nucleic acid in digested formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded amphibian tissues. juvenile frogs ...200212078986
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