[preliminary estimation of malaria transmission potential in areas where anopheles sinensis is the only vector].the data, vectorial capacity of anopheles sinensis in the suburb of jining city, shandong province in 1975, in 1980-1984, and the average gland infection rate of anopheles sinensis infected with plasmodium vivax artificially, were calculated by using macdonald formula (1957). the basic reproduction rates were 4.44, 6.47 and 4.25 in the years 1975, 1980 and 1981, respectively. in 1982-1984, the rate was reduced to 0.69, 0.41 and 0.1, respectively. since 1982, the incidence rate of malaria in the ...19947720199
[occurrence of culex modestus inatomii kamimura et wada in rongcheng city, shandong province].a mosquito survey was made at rongcheng city, shandong province in august, 1991. altogether 4 genera and 8 species of mosquitoes were collected in this survey, namely aedes dorsalis (meigen), anopheles sinensis wiedemann, an. yatsushiroensis miyazaki, culex fuscanus wiedemann, cx. modestus inatomii kamimura et wada, cx. pipiens pallens coquillett, cx. tritaeniorhynchus giles and mansonia uniformis (theobald). among them cx. modestus inatomii and an. yatsushiroensis were found to be the first rec ...19938403280
[malaria situation in the people's republic of china in 2002].this summary was made on the basis of the annual reports of malaria control from the professional institutions in the 21 provinces/municipality/autonomous region (p/m/a). the number of malaria cases reported in the country was 35,298 in the year 2002 and the incidence rate was 0.348/10,000, an increase of 68.2% than that of the last year and the largest increase since 1994. the total number of suspected cases was 136,902, and the death toll due to malaria was 42. based on the numbers of malaria ...200314628361
[malaria situation in the people's republic of china in 2003].total 40,681 malaria cases and 129,147 suspected cases with 52 deaths were reported by the case reporting system in 910 counties of 21 provinces/municipality/autonomous region (p/m/a) in 2003, and the annual incidence was 0.39/10000, an increase of 15.3% than that of the last year, which is the third year that malaria incidence consecutively increased since 2001. based on a baseline survey in the project funded by the global fund to fight aids, tuberculosis and malaria (gfatm), the estimated num ...200516566200
[malaria situation in the people' s republic of china in 2004].in 2004, 38,972 malaria cases and 106,704 suspected cases with 31 deaths were reported by the annual case reporting system in 1,005 counties of 23 provinces/municipality/autonomous region (p/ m/a) and the annual incidence was 0.38/10 000, a decrease of 4.2% than that of the last year, which is the year that the disease was slightly rolled back after consecutively increased since 2001. as an important development of the case reporting system, the internet reporting system started in 2004, majorit ...200616866130
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