human babesiosis in japan: epizootiologic survey of rodent reservoir and isolation of new type of babesia microti-like parasite.we have carried out epizootiologic surveys at various sites in japan to investigate wild animals that serve as reservoirs for the agents of human babesiosis in the country. small mammals comprising six species, apodemus speciosus, apodemus argenteus, clethrionomys rufocanus, eothenomys smithii, crocidura dsinezumi, and sorex unguiculatus, were trapped at various places, including hokkaido, chiba, shiga, hyogo, shimane, and tokushima prefectures. animals harboring babesia microti-like parasites w ...200111724838
survey of babesia microti infection in field rodents in japan: records of the kobe-type in new foci and findings of a new type related to the otsu-type.of 247 rodents comprising 5 genera and 7 species collected at 17 sites throughout japan from 2003 to 2005, babesia microti was detected microscopically and by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) in 36 rodents comprising 2 genera and 3 species from 12 sites. based on the analysis of small subunit ribosomal rna gene (ssurdna) sequences, the kobe-type, the etiological type of the first japanese case of human infection was found in apodemus speciosus and apodemus argenteus in aomori, the northernmost pr ...200717237595
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