mycobacterium bovis as a zoonosis in the kruger national park, south africa.the kruger national park (knp), mpumalanga province, south africa.199910599016
foot and mouth disease: the experience of south africa.foot and mouth disease (fmd) is endemic in african buffalo (syncerus caffer) in the kruger national park (knp) and surrounding game parks in south africa. the last outbreak of the disease in domestic stock outside the fmd control zone occurred in 1957. due to the success in containing the disease, the country was accorded zone freedom from fmd without vaccination by the office international des epizooties (oie: world organisation for animal health) in 1995. this status was lost in september 2000 ...200212523712
the host status of african buffaloes, syncerus caffer, for rhipicephalus (boophilus) decoloratus.the objective of this study was to assess the host status of african buffaloes, syncerus caffer, for the one-host tick rhipicephalus (boophilus) decoloratus. to this end the r. (b.) decoloratus burdens of ten buffaloes examined in three north-eastern kwazulu-natal province (kzn) nature reserves were compared with those of medium-sized to large antelope species in these reserves and in the southern kruger national park (knp), mpumalanga province. the r. (b.) decoloratus burdens of the buffaloes w ...200617058441
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