a canine distemper virus epidemic in serengeti lions (panthera leo).canine distemper virus (cdv) is thought to have caused several fatal epidemics in canids within the serengeti-mara ecosystem of east africa, affecting silver-backed jackals (canis mesomelas) and bat-eared foxes (otocyon megalotis) in 1978 (ref. 1), and african wild dogs (lycaon pictus) in 1991 (refs 2, 3). the large, closely monitored serengeti lion population was not affected in these epidemics. however, an epidemic caused by a morbillivirus closely related to cdv emerged abruptly in the lion p ...19968559247
canine distemper antibodies in lions of the masai mara.canine distemper virus (cdv) has been implicated in some recent deaths of lions, which showed clinical signs of distemper, in the the serengeti plain. similar clinical findings have since been reported in lions of the masai mara. fifty-five per cent of serum samples obtained from wild lions of the masai mara have been found to contain neutralising antibody to cdv, indicating that they had been exposed to the virus. adult orphan lions kept in captivity, were vaccinated with the live attenuated on ...19989670445
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