soochong virus and amur virus might be the same entities of hantavirus.amur virus (amrv) and soochong virus (soov) were reported to be carried by korean field mice (apodemus peninsulae) in the far east of russia, china, and korea. the distinction and demarcation between these two viruses have been a matter of debate. in order to clarify this issue and to confirm taxonomic position of amrv and soov, the extensive phylogenetic analyses based on entire s segment and entire m segment sequences of amrv, soov and other reference virus strains deposited in genbank, were c ...200717854038
[actual problems of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome].from 2000 to 2011 85 600 cases of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) were registered in russian federation. epidemically active foci of hfrs infection are located generally in temperate latitudes of the european part and the far east. in the far east regions whose fraction of all the hfrs disease cases in russia is around 2%, the causative agents of the infection are hantaan, amur, seoul hantaviruses, the natural reservoir for those are striped field mouse, korean field mouse and brown ...201323805652
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