[a description of the b chromosomes in the karyotype of the field mouse apodemus agrarius].for the first time b-chromosomes were detected in apodemus agrarius. in the mouse of the population from the khabarovsk territory. b-chromosome is a minichromosome and it is found in all metaphase plates (2 n = 48 + 1b). b-chromosome of the mouse from the maritime territory is a medium-sized heterochromatic acrocentric (2n = 48 + 0-1b) and it is found in 53% of metaphase plates analyzed.19947941023
genetic diversities of hantaviruses among rodents in hokkaido, japan and far east russia.seroepizootiologic surveys among wild rodents were carried out in japan and far east russia in 1995 and 1996. seropositive animals were only identified in clethrionomys rufocanus (23/134) in hokkaido, japan. on the other hand, seropositives were identified in c. rufocanus (1/8), apodemus agrarius (2/66), apodemus spp. (2/26) and microtus fortis (3/22) in vladivostok, far east russia. total rna was isolated from lungs of seropositive animals and the s genome segments were amplified by pcr, cloned ...199910082393
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