[further study of hantavirus circulation in the russian federation].lung specimens of 1514 small mammals of 35 species captured in 1991-1995 at 9 territories of russia were tested in elisa for virus antigens of hemorrhagic fever with the renal syndrome (hfrs). the antigens were detected in lung specimens of clethrionomys glareolus, microtus arvalis, microtus gregalis, microtus fortis, arvicola terrestris, apodemus agrarius, micromys minutus, and sorex sp., well known as hantavirus reservoirs, captured in the vologda, yaroslavl, saratov, astrakhan, and chita regi ...19979182404
[criteria of difference evaluation for-various types of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome foci. hfrs foci in various biotopes of northern barrens].determine qualitative and quantitative criteria of evaluation of features for natural, natural-anthropourgic and anthropourgic foci of hantaviruses (using hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome--hfrs foci as an example), that have formed in various areas of saratov region.201526016349
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