a serotypic study of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in rural china.apodemus agrarius was trapped in the fields and rattus norvegicus was trapped within the houses in the villages of jiande county, a region in the zhejiang province of china endemic for hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs). antibodies to hantaviruses were detected in three (16.7%) of 18 a. agrarius and 12 (13.5%) of 89 r. norvegicus, whereas hantavirus antigens were detected in the lung tissues of four (22.2%) of 18 and nine (10.1%) of 89 of these rodents, respectively. three hantaviruses ...19957694967
retrospective and prospective studies of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in rural china.residents of two villages in zhejiang province, china, were interviewed and serum samples were collected to assess prevalence of hantavirus infection. antibody prevalence was 12% (219/1811), with a ratio of illness to infection of 1.0:5.4. seroprevalence increased with age, but no association was found with sex. there was also no evidence of vertical transmission. one year later, 2.3% (30/1325) of seronegative subjects had seroconverted including 2 who had hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome. ...19947915747
[studies on natural foci of tsutsugamushi disease of the autumn-winter type in jiangsu].before 1986, tsutsugamushi disease was known only prevalent in south to zhejiang province in our country, belonged to the summer type and leptotrombidium (l.) deliense was regarded as the main vector. in october 1986, the authors found this disease in nanjing and carried out a series of studies in 1986-1992. the results were as follows: tsutsugamushi disease was epidemic in nanjing and north of jiangsu (including: dongtai, haian, rudong, jinhu, hanjiang, jiangdu); belonged to the autumn-winter t ...19948082137
borrelia sinica sp. nov., a lyme disease-related borrelia species isolated in china.a survey was performed for lyme disease borrelia in the southern part of china, in zhejiang, sichuan and anhui provinces, along the yangtze river valley, in may of 1997 and 1998. twenty isolates from ixodes granulatus, ixodes ovatus, apodemus agrarius and niviventer confucianus were obtained. these isolates were characterized by rflp of the 5s-23s rdna intergenic spacer, sequence analysis of the intergenic spacer, 16s rdna and flagellin gene, dna-dna hybridization analysis, sds-page and western ...200111594614
[studies on three types of natural foci of tsutsugamushi disease in eastern part of china].in order to identify the types of natural foci of tsutsugamushi disease to provide basis for prevention, a series of studies were carried out in fujian, zhejiang and jiangsu provinces.200011860755
detection of kobe-type babesia microti associated with japanese human babesiosis in field rodents in central taiwan and southeastern mainland china.field rodent surveys for babesia infection were performed from 2002 to 2005 in the vicinities of human babesiosis occurrences in taiwan and mainland china. babesia microti was identified by microscopical examination and/or pcr in 1 rattus coxinga and 1 crocidura horsfieldii in central taiwan and in 13 niviventer confucianus and 1 apodemus agrarius in zhejiang and fujian provinces of southeastern china. of 15 b. microti samples detected by pcr, all except 1 were shown to be the kobe-type, the aet ...200818413002
[new animal hosts of rabies virus in mountain areas in zhejiang province].to understand the prevalence of rabies among wild animals and the animal species in rabies epidemic areas of zhejiang province.200919731524
detection of bartonella species in small mammals from zhejiang province, estimate the prevalence of bartonella in small mammals of different species, during different seasons, and at different study sites, and to provide baseline data for the risk assessment of human bartonella infection, we captured small mammals using snap traps in zhejiang province, china. bartonella species were detected in small-mammal samples by polymerase chain reaction and positive amplicons were sequenced. bartonella dna was detected in 47% (90/192) of apodemus agrarius, 31% (14/45) of ra ...201020090031
[study on the integrated monitoring program regarding mouse and main mouse-borne disease in zhejiang province.]objective: to study the integrated monitoring program regarding mouse and plague, hemorrhagic fever of renal syndrome (hfrs) and leptospirosis. methods: integrated monitoring plan was used. a designated office coordinated 5 departments' actions within the zhejiang provincial center for disease control and prevention (cdc). cage-trapping method was conducted to monitor the density of mice from june to october, respectively. results: lishui municipal cdc had finished the integrated monitoring prog ...201121569735
[investigation on the natural infectious status of hantaviruses among small mammals in longquan city, zhejiang province].to investigate the situation of the natural infection of hantaviruses (hv) in small mammals and to provide evidence for the control and prevention of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) in longquan area, zhejiang province.201121781480
[study on comprehensive monitoring of mouse and effect of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome vaccine in high prevalence areas of natural focus infectious disease of zhejiang province in 1994--2010].to study the comprehensive monitoring mechanism of mouse and the effect of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (hfrs) vaccine in the high prevalence areas of natural focus infectious disease of zhejiang province in 1994 - 2010.201223363865
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