isolation and characterization of dobrava hantavirus carried by the striped field mouse (apodemus agrarius) in estonia.dobrava hantavirus (dob) was isolated from the striped field mouse (apodemus agrarius) trapped on saaremaa island, estonia, and its genetic and antigenic characteristics were subsequently analysed. phylogenetic analysis showed that the estonian dob strain, together with several wild strains carried by apodemus agrarius, forms a well-supported lineage within the dob clade. the topography of the trees calculated for the s, m and l nucleotide sequences of the estonian dob suggests a similar evoluti ...199910073697
hantaviruses in estonia.human serum samples collected from healthy individuals in 14 counties were screened by elisa in order to investigate the presence of hantavirus infections in estonia. out of 1,234 serum samples, 124 were found positive for hantavirus-specific igg and were subsequently serotyped by a focus reduction neutralization test. a total of 112 samples neutralized at least one of the examined hantaviruses-puumala (puuv), saaremaa (saav), dobrava (dobv), hantaan, and seoul viruses-and thereby, the focus red ...200212376968
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