borna disease virus rna detected in japanese macaques (macaca fuscata).we have examined the seroprevalence of bdv in wild japanese macaques (macaca fuscata) in the peninsula (chiba prefecture), japan. serum samples from macaques were examined by the elisa, western blot and immunofluorescence assays to detect the presence of serum antibodies that react specifically to bdv antigens. among 49 investigated individuals, 6 (12.2%) showed positive reaction to bdv antigens. rt-pcr studies detected bdv sequences in brain tissue of one case among four seropositive cases exam ...200817929110
field testing a global positioning system (gps) collar on a japanese monkey: reliability of automatic gps positioning in a japanese forest.a global positioning system (gps) collar recorded the locations of an adult female japanese macaque over a 9-day period in a habitat with mixed suburban and rural land-uses in chiba prefecture, japan. the gps device acquired positions even in forested areas. the gps data located the female mostly in forested areas, although the female had ranged through a habitat with inter-mingled fields, orchards, quarries, and residential areas. however, the gps position acquisition rate was low compared to s ...200414735391
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