long distance mobility of male japanese macaques evidenced by mitochondrial dna.a 487-nucleotide sequence in the polymorphic d-loop region of matrilineally inherited mitochondrial dna was compared in samples from 14 (9 adult males and 5 females or young) japanese macaques (macaca fuscata fuscata) of two troops at gagyusan in takahashi city, okayama prefecture, japan. the majority (7 out of the sampled 9) of the adult males associated with the troops had nucleotide sequences of six distinct types, all of which were different from that of the gagyusan troop females, whereas t ...200312548337
emotional states after grooming interactions in japanese macaques (macaca fuscata).in animal societies, the effect of grooming interactions on anxiety reduction is unclear. this study examined the effects of giving and receiving grooming on anxiety reduction in free ranging female japanese macaques (macaca fuscata) by measuring rates of self-scratching as an index of anxiety. in this study, the authors used a focal-animal sampling method, targeting 17 females at katsuyama, okayama prefecture, japan. they evaluated affiliative relationships, which were defined by standard proxi ...201526348969
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