the first host record of trichinosis in a red fox, vulpes vulpes japonica, from aomori prefecture, northern honshu, japan.a case of wildlife trichinosis was found in a red fox (vulpes vulpes japonica) captured at rokkasho, aomori prefecture on november 27, 1998. trichinella larvae were obtained from almost all of the muscle tissues except for the masseter. the highest number of larvae per gram of tissue was found in the muscles of the gluteal region and throat. the lowest number was found in the diaphragm and tongue. trichina cysts within the muscle fibers had groups of fatty cells at the poles, and minimal tissue ...200111503914
a red fox, vulpes vulpes shrencki, infected with echinococcus multilocularis was introduced from hokkaido island, where e. multilocularis is endemic, to aomori, northern part of the mainland japan. 200314583648
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