prevalence of arcobacter species in drinking water, spring water, and raw milk as determined by multiplex pcr.the aim of this study was to investigate the incidence of arcobacter species in water sources and raw milk from healthy animals in kayseri, turkey. a total of 175 samples of drinking water (n = 100), spring water (n = 25), and raw milk (n = 50) were examined. arcobacter species were isolated using the membrane filtration technique. overall, 7 (4%) of the 175 samples yielded arcobacter spp.: 3 (3%) drinking water samples, 1 (4%) spring water sample, and 3 (6%) raw milk samples. two species of arc ...201021219725
emerging pathogen arcobacter spp. in acute gastroenteritis: molecular identification, antibiotic susceptibilities and genotyping of the isolated arcobacters.the aims of this study were as follows: (i) to isolate arcobacter spp. from the stool samples of patients with gastroenteritis; (ii) to identify them with molecular methods; (iii) to genotype them using enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus (eric)-pcr; and (iv) to determine their antibiotic susceptibilities. for the study, a total of 3287 diarrhoeal stool samples submitted to the microbiology laboratory of the kayseri training and research hospital, kayseri, turkey, between 2010 and 20 ...201222700547
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