comparison and phylogenetic analysis of cowpox viruses isolated from cats and humans in fennoscandia.cowpox virus (cpxv), a member of the genus orthopoxvirus (opv), has reservoirs in small mammals and may cause disease in humans, felidae and other animals. in this study we compared cpxvs isolated from humans and cats in fennoscandia by restriction enzyme and dna sequence analysis. the hindiii restriction profiles clearly distinguished geographically distinct cpxv isolates, whereas only minor differences were found between the profiles of geographically linked isolates. the complete gene sequenc ...200919585075
naturally occurring orthopoxviruses: potential for recombination with vaccine vectors.orthopoxviruses are being increasingly used as live recombinant vectors for vaccination against numerous infectious diseases in humans, domestic animals, and wildlife. for risk assessments and surveillance, information about the occurrence, distribution and ecology of orthopoxviruses in western europe is important but has mainly been based on serological investigations. we have examined kidneys, lungs, spleens, and livers of norwegian small rodents and common shrews (sorex araneus) for the prese ...19989705389
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