isolation of listeria monocytogenes from vegetation.a rural area in virginia, in which clinical listeriosis of man and animals has been rare, was selected for this study. vegetatino, which had died and remained in the fields over the winter, was collected and examined for listeria monocytogenes by gray's cold-holding procedure. twelve fields were sampled and cultured, and eight strains of l. monocytogenes were isolated. only two of the strains were pathogenic for the mouse. compared with strains of l. monocytogenes isolated from listeric humans a ...19684966541
listeria monocytogenes in nature.samples from 12 farms were examined during two successive spring and early autumn seasons. l. monocytogenes was isolated from vegetation or soil taken from 11 of the 12 farms and from 6 of the 7 nonagricultural sites. a total of 27 strains were isolated from the 19 sites. the organism was not isolated from any of the autumn collections.19714994904
multistate outbreak of listeriosis--united states, 1998.since early august 1998, 40 illnesses caused by a single strain of listeria monocytogenes (lm) have been identified in 10 states: ohio (13 cases); new york; tennessee, massachusetts, and west virginia (three each); michigan (two); and connecticut, oregon, vermont, and georgia (one each). dates of illness onset or lm isolation ranged from august 2 through december 2. all lm isolates from these cases are serotype 4b and share an unusual pattern when subtyped either by pulsed-field gel electrophore ...19989883769
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