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pasteurized milk as a vehicle of infection in an outbreak of listeriosis.between june 30th and august 30th, 1983, 49 patients in massachusetts acquired listeriosis. seven cases occurred in fetuses or infants and 42 in immunosuppressed adults; 14 patients (29 per cent) died. of 40 listeria monocytogenes isolates available for testing, 32 were serotype 4b. two case-control studies, one matching for neighborhood of residence and the other for underlying disease, revealed that the illness was strongly associated with drinking a specific brand of pasteurized whole or 2 pe ...19853918263
incidence of listeriosis in connecticut, 92 cases of human listeriosis were reported to the department of health services from 1984 to 1988. the annual incidence per million population ranged from 7.3 in 1984 to 4.2 in 1988. the average annual incidence was 5.6 per million population. case rates were highest in those aged 70 years and older (15.8 per million). cases included 12 pregnant women and 11 newborns. bacterial meningitis was the primary diagnosis in 23 cases. of the 49 isolates of listeria monocytogenes that we ...19902197060
a point-source foodborne listeriosis outbreak: documented incubation period and possible mild illness.listeria bacteremia occurred in 2 pregnant women whose only common exposure was attendance at a party. the incubation period, the possibility of mild disease due to listeria infection, and foods associated with risk of disease were evaluated. ten (28%) of 36 party attenders met a case definition, which included isolation of listeria monocytogenes from blood or stool or two of the following: fever, musculoskeletal symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. one of 25 stool cultures was positive. the 2 ...19948077731
multistate outbreak of listeriosis--united states, 1998.since early august 1998, 40 illnesses caused by a single strain of listeria monocytogenes (lm) have been identified in 10 states: ohio (13 cases); new york; tennessee, massachusetts, and west virginia (three each); michigan (two); and connecticut, oregon, vermont, and georgia (one each). dates of illness onset or lm isolation ranged from august 2 through december 2. all lm isolates from these cases are serotype 4b and share an unusual pattern when subtyped either by pulsed-field gel electrophore ...19989883769
multistate outbreak of listeriosis--united states, 2000.since may 2000, 29 illnesses caused by a strain of listeria monocytogenes (lm) have been identified in 10 states: new york (15 cases); georgia (three); connecticut, ohio, and michigan (two each); and california, pennsylvania, tennessee, utah, and wisconsin (one each). dates of lm isolation ranged from may 17 through november 26 with 26 (90%) infections occurring since july 15. when subtyped, the lm isolates from these cases were indistinguishable by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pulsenet pat ...200011190115
outbreak of listeriosis--northeastern united states, 2002.a multistate outbreak of listeria monocytogenes infections with 46 culture-confirmed cases, seven deaths, and three stillbirths or miscarriages in eight states has been linked to eating sliceable turkey deli meat. cases have been reported from pennsylvania (14 cases), new york (11 in new york city and seven in other locations), new jersey (five), delaware (four), maryland (two), connecticut (one), massachusetts (one), and michigan (one). culture dates ranged from july 18 to september 30, 2002; c ...200212437035
chicken salad as the source of a case of listeria monocytogenes infection in connecticut.listeriosis is a severe infection with high morbidity and mortality. we report a fatal case of listeriosis in a patient with a history of crohn's disease who consumed chicken salad purchased from a retail food establishment before developing listeriosis. as part of the regulatory testing programs, the u.s. department of agriculture food safety and inspection service and the florida department of agriculture and consumer affairs found that chicken products from a single food-production establishm ...200920003746
survey for listeria monocytogenes in and on ready-to-eat foods from retail establishments in the united states (2010 through 2013): assessing potential changes of pathogen prevalence and levels in a decade.a multiyear interagency listeria monocytogenes market basket survey was undertaken for selected refrigerated ready-to-eat foods purchased at retail in four foodnet sites in the united states. food samples from 16 food categories in six broad groups (seafood, produce, dairy, meat, eggs, and combination foods) were collected weekly at large national chain supermarkets and independent grocery stores in california, maryland, connecticut, and georgia for 100 weeks between december 2010 and march 2013 ...201728437165
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